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2014 Research Student Day

The 2014 Research Student Day at The Roslin Institute and Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies took place on 30 April.

Students viewing posters

With more to follow in June's Roslin Reporter we just wanted to congratulate the winners of the presentation prizes for their outstanding efforts.

Oral presentations:

Winner - Breno Beirao: The development of a CSF-1R monoclonal antibody for therapy of cancer in dogs.

Runners up 

  • Edward Johnson: Implications of SHH transcriptional autoregulation on growth and the formation of a morphogenic field.
  • Amr Bayoumy: Latent expression profiles of murine gammaherpesvirus 68-encoded microRNAs in vivo.

1st year posters:

Winner - Rodrigo Bacigalupe: Evolutionary genomics of bacterial host-adaptation and outbreak dynamics

Runners up

  • Chi Ting Janice Kwok: Jmjd6 - a regulator of macrophage innate immune responses
  • Laura Graham: Mitochondria and synaptic stability

2nd year posters (equal winners)

  • Jason Ioannidis: Circulating microRNAs for early diagnosis of bovine pregnancy
  • Declan King: In-vitro models utilised to enhance our understanding of early mechanisms of misfolded protein formation, accumulation and clearance.
  • Smaragda Tsairidou: A meta-analysis for bovine tuberculosis resistance in dairy cattle
  • Anuj Sehgal: Determining the role of M cells as important portals for entry of gastrointestinal pathogens

3rd year posters:

Winner- William Ho: Interacting waves deliver high fidelity patterning in avian skin

Runners Up

  • Amy Richards: Characterisation of the interaction of Staphylococcus pseudintermedius surface protein SpsL with fibrinogen
  • Ruth Morgan: Abnormal glucocorticoid metabolism in horses with metabolic syndrome

MSc posters:

Winner - Emma Hurst: The long-acting COX-2 inhibitor mavacoxib (TrocoxcilTM) has anti-proliferative and anti-migration effects on canine osteosarcoma cell lines in vitro

Clinical Scholars:

Winner - Valentina Palermo: Long term follow-up after radiofrequency ablation in 20 cases of orthodromic atrioventricular tachycardia in UK dogs

Runner up

  • Justine Kayne-Smith: Frequency of digital flexor tendon sheath and distal interphalangeal joint penetration when using a direct endoscopic approach to the navicular bursa in horse


Also, many thanks to Liz Archibald and Jackie Ledger for their excellent organisation of the day.

A more detailed report will feature in the next Roslin Reporter.