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An exciting work experience programme designed to give fifth year high school pupils a real insight into the work and life of research scientists.

The Science Insights annual programme – launched in 2014 by the MRC Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine and the Roslin Institute – has proved a great success. The five research institutes in the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at the University of Edinburgh will participate from 2016, enabling an increased number of places for pupils on the programme.

40  high school pupils will spend a week of their summer holidays following a varied programme of activities on four different University of Edinburgh campuses, gaining a real insight into research and work in biological sciences.

Activities include:

  • Shadowing researchers in the lab
  • Tours of a range of scientific facilities
  • Presentations and discussions on a range of topics, including ethics in research, the use of animals in research and various careers paths
  • Opportunities to meet current University of Edinburgh students
  • Skills session to help with future university and job applications

Find Out More

The Science Insights site has more information on this innovative programme and how to apply:

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