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2018 at The Roslin Institute

A busy year filled with news-worthy research, awards, scientific and public events, training courses and more.

As the year ends, we look back at some of the highlights of 2018.

We are delighted that many of our news stories made national and international headlines. The work most covered by the media has been our ground-breaking research on genome-edited pigs which are resistant to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus. Other stories that were covered by several media outlets included research into a vaccine that showed promise against a widespread chicken disease, the use of microRNAs to predict lifelong cattle health and productivity, and, of course, the visit by Bill Gates and Secretary of State in January.

On social media, it was great to see the attention received by our video for International Women's Day, our story for International Men's Day, Principal medals to a Roslin team as well as several interviews with our scientists. And it has been rewarding to see the number of our followers grow.

As you can see in the video below, it has been a busy year at the Institute. We hosted several scientific seminars and symposiums and engaged with thousands of people around Edinburgh at numerous interactive events.

We look forward to what 2019 will bring, we already have lots of exciting events lined up and there is lots of exciting research in the pipeline as we continue to address big challenges impacting both animal and human health worldwide.

We wish all our readers a good holiday season and a happy New Year!

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