Information Services

Annual Production Management report

Production Management oversee a wide range of services across the University including a large number of key ones. The annual report states the position of our service; covering availability, achievements and challenges.  

This report covers the period between August 2015 and July 2016, but also includes some data over the last five years to show a wider context.


A screenshot of service availability graphs.

Overall service availability, reliability, and performance have been very good, but inevitably with a large, complex service there were a couple of problematic areas. Despite the fact that the number of services supported is increasing slightly each year, time spent supporting services has decreased and user satisfaction remained excellent. We expect this trend to continue in 2016/17. 

Time Allocation

In support of our strategy of continual improvement, planned application and infrastructure upgrades make up over 60% of  service downtime, another 20% covers service maintenance such as security patching, while only 20% are due to unplanned incidents.

Download the full report via the link below: