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Now That's What I Call Project Engagement

One of last year’s most successful Innovation projects was undoubtedly a project that delivered video content for a wide range of programmes and projects. Titled “Increasing Project Engagement through the Use of Video”, the project did just that! With the video duration kept to between 5-8 minutes, this encouraged short, snappy and engaging content.

Project Manager Tim Gray, and Callum Kerr from LTW, produced content for CIO Gavin McLachlan covering Digital Transformation and the new Core Systems Programmes. Content was also produced for some Innovation, and other Information Services projects, as well as for the HR Transformation Programme in Service Excellence.  

Using predominantly my own equipment, I wanted to make engaging bite size content that highlights some of the great project work across Information Services. We changed camera set up, lighting and editing techniques form video to video, to increase our knowledge and make each video slightly different to the viewer.

Tim GrayProject Manager

A video with highlights is available here: The project’s Media Hopper Channel ( has all the content from the project. 


Filming with the CIO for DTI Programme
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