Information Services

Be a name not a number

IS Applications is about to begin a concerted effort to make more students aware of their personalised email address.

In response to student demand for a more personalised experience at the University, plans are underway to make more use of student email addresses based on student names instead of usernames (UUN). They do in fact already exist and have done for years but most students don't know that they have a second email alias made up of their name, in addition to the ubiquitous one derived from their matriculation number.

Until now the strategy has been to implement the personalised addresses silently and they aren't apparent in the University's email systems and communications.

That's due to change and the publicity campaign will initially focus on increasing awareness and telling students how to discover their personalised address. At the same time ISG will be working behind the scenes to make personalised addresses the default in official communication with the University and in our student portal and interfaces.