Information Services

Timetable on my phone

The project has now rolled out the service delivering academic timetables into student calendars (from Timetabling to Office 365) to all students.

In response to student demand, IS Applications have now rolled out this handy feature to students across the University. Academic timetables can be automatically added to students' calendars, which they can access via the Calendar channel in MyEd or through Office 365. This makes up-to-date timetabling information readily available on mobile platforms.

Those who want to can go one step further and sync their academic calendar with their device calendar and manage all their appointments in one place.

This has been a great example of a number teams from Timetabling, Service Management, Development Services, Development Technology and Project Services working well together.  Our thanks go out to all those who have overcome the technical challenges to get a successful solution in pilot.

Visit our blog to find out more about the original trial and the new service: