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Sounding Out the Student Voice

Start of the Student Voice Platforms Pilot project

This pilot project HSS030 is a follow on project to the Student Voice project HSS023

  • HSS023 focused on expanding the student voice initiative to improve the feedback process involving Class and Programme Representatives. Primarily an options analysis, it uncovered and documented the user/system requirements and then undertook an options appraisal of existing tools and a range of new tools
  • Further information can be found in : HSS023


This is a Edinburgh University Students' Association led project, supported by the three Colleges, Academic Services and Information Services. This project will pilot several selected platforms for facilitating the student-programme representative feedback process in support of the students' association. 

The scope of this project includes pilot with two programmes. It will run for one academic year and we will evaluate the success and student satisfaction with each of the technologies.

More information can be found in the project Website : HSS030

Anne Mathison

Project Manager