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Course Timetable Browser - upgrade project begins

The project to upgrade the Course Timetable Browser has recently started

The Course Timetable Browser application provides an interface to enable Students and Personal Tutors to determine courses that can be chosen, avoiding timetable clashes. Compared with other functionality that timetabling provides, this tool allows to model and plan a timetable for a student and is heavily used during the 1st view weeks of the semester (from Welcome Week onwards) and is used alongside the Path application for programme selection.

The application timetables are usually rolled-forward to the next academic year in May and is then used by students over the summer to look at timetables and modelling free course components and select tutor  sub-groups.

Current usage statistics are not available, however, during the first year of operation, the application had around 40,000 access requests and around 20,000 unique visitors (information provided by Scott Rosie).

From a business perspective, the anticipated life-span of the application would be another 2 – 3 years from now, by which time timetabling anticipate moving to a cloud-based service and the business area are not expecting to provide additional functionality as users appear happy with the service as-is.