Information Services

Estates Capital System - Project launched

The University is embarking on a project to deliver a solution to support the Estates Department as they deliver a £1.2bn capital programme over the next 10 years.

The Challenge

The Estates Department are gearing up to deliver a hugely exciting programme of capital projects worth £1.2bn over the next 10 years.  This means up to 10 times the current annual spend.   The team currently manage their portfolio and capital plan using an array of spreadsheets. These tools are not scalable to support this new work.


The project will deliver a SOLUTION capable of supporting the Estates Department work as it delivers a £1.2bn capital building works plan over the next 10 years by enabling management of complex portfolios of projects.


Expected Benefits

  • The capability to efficiently and effectively present a range of capital planning scenarios will support more sophisticated and evidence-based management decision making when considering the delivery of the capital plan.

  • A single ‘source of truth’ of expenditure, funding and progress across all projects by school, college or campus will provide more complete, accurate and transparent information on expenditure profile, funding sources and progress status of projects for stakeholders.

  • A standardised and auditable set of processes and procedures for managing programmes and projects will provide enhanced governance to the delivery of the Capital Programme projects enabling greater visibility of costs, risks and use of resource.