Information Services

Remodelling of IS Support for Psychiatry

The first in a series of projects to improve IS delivery for Psychiatry has been completed.

The project brief for MVM513 saw the start of a coordinated series of projects to rectify long standing issues, principally at Kennedy Tower, where the majority of Psychiatry Staff work. One of the key drivers is to ensure that the network configuration, including the bespoke firewall setup, can be managed more centrally by Network Services allowing the BioQuarter team to increase their knowledge and gain permission to extend support in and around the Imaging Lab.

Historically designed and implemented with security in mind, the infrastructure now acts as a barrier for remote teams to provide effective support. Therefore, MVM513 had two core deliveries:-

  • replace switches at Kennedy Tower (Edlan and Internal)
  • bypass the firewall via appropriately set access control lists.

These activities were implemented successfully as two changes on Tuesday May 23 and Thursday May 25, 2017.


Project Services would like to thank the BioQuarter team, Network Services, Secure Services, Psychiatry Department and 7 George Square IT Support.


The picture below shows Before and after Images taken of the network switch cabinet at Kennedy Tower:




Kennedy Tower server room - before and after