Information Services

Student Course Load into Library System Alma

A collaborative project between Applications and Library & University Collections to support library services and provide a better student and staff experience through more regular and automated updates to the data required to deliver the Library’s Resource Lists service.

This project supports Resource Lists which have been identified as a keystone for Hybrid Teaching and Learning in response to the impact of COVID-19. Resource Lists are 1 of 5 key elements which will underpin the Hybrid Teaching Model for the start of the 20/21 semester. All courses, where appropriate, are to have Resource Lists available.

For Library Learning Services the automated course load will provide up to date information regarding courses and student numbers improving the accuracy of reporting and analytics, as well as better financial modelling for the purchase of course list material.

The automated course load will also allow for time savings for Library Learning Services by managing Resource Lists rather than managing data. Critical support to Resource Lists, which are a key element of Hybrid Teaching, will also be supported.

Providing more regular updated information to the library management system (Alma) will reduce the requirement to manage data manually, reduce the capacity for error and increase the reliability of the Resource Lists service.

The project will focus on automating course information on the library system on a daily basis, allowing for better analytics on course resource usage, which will help to guide future resource purchases to best serve all users of the library.

By providing an automated system, the project will replace the current manual system which requires staff to update information and does not allow the library team to easily and accurately associated student numbers with course data for the provision of materials. Introducing an automated system will deliver annual savings on staff time of up to two weeks. . This initiative will not only provide benefit to the library staff and students, it will also provide benefit to the academic staff as course data and accurate reporting will be more immediately available.

This collaborative project builds on previous successful project deliveries between Applications and Library & University Collections.