Information Services

Accelerating End User Testing

Do you develop software? Do you carry out End User Testing? Iain Fiddes introduces a new project in a post in the Software Dev Community Blog.

We have recently adopted a new application called TestRail. This helps us automate and better manage the user acceptance testing work we do in our projects, an area that is usually problematic and difficult to keep on top of. Iain Fiddes has created a blog entry here providing more thoughts and details on the benefits of this adoption.

We have recently started a project under the Digital Transformation portfolio that is concened with our understanding, development and rollout of TestRail. This project - DTI002 - has three simultaneous work packages that will address different elements of establishing the service within IS Applications. The first of these covers the technical and integration aspects; the second encompasses trialling the application across a few different projects (with business partners across the University) that have already started, and the third strand will cover how our methodologies and procedures can be modified to make the best use of TestRail when appropriate.

Please have a read of the blog entry and get in touch if you have any questions about this work.