Information Services

Let’s Get to Know… Karen Wilson

An introduction to one of our latest team members.

What do you do in IS?

I’m based in Communications Infrastructure Section (CIS) as a Senior Project and Programme Manager. My main project is the Network Replacement Project, but I manage several other infrastructure projects.


What does your position involve day to day?

Chasing people to do things, basically anything required to ensure we hit our deadlines, organising meetings, lots of documentation.


What are the challenges of your job?

Being responsible for delivering projects that require input, or deliverables, from others whom we have no line management responsibility for and who have conflicting demands between projects and “the day job”.


What do you find the most exciting about it?

Working with a large variety of people who are very skilled and who probably find me the annoying person who keeps hassling them for things which seem unimportant. It’s a great job, working with lots of difference people, and a job which I love.


What led you to Information Services?

I was working as a contractor and I joined initially to support a major procurement project.


What did you do before you joined IS?

I was responsible for delivering infrastructure projects within new build schools in England; I also did a range of infrastructure and IT project work within local Authorities and the NHS.


Tell us something interesting about yourself.

Mmmm….. Not sure these are interesting but usually surprise people – I was a keen motorcyclist, I am a golfer, I knit, sew and do various crafts and I took part in the very first Edinburgh MoonWalk back in 2006.


What’s your weird talent?

I can sing “How much is that doggy in the window” backwards!

What’s the one thing you would take with you on a deserted island?


Where is the most memorable place you have been to? That you haven’t been to?

Been - Mauritius. To go to – Australia/New Zealand.