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Further rollout of Assessment & Progression Tool

The latest phase of the roll-out of the Assessment & Progression Tool (APT) has met with even more success.

IS and Student Systems have now been working together on delivering  tools and processes to support the administration of course assessments, progression and degree awards since a pilot of Assessment and Progression Tools (APT) was first delivered during 2015/16 in seven Schools and a Deanery . In this most recent project (SAC057) covering the second phase, APT was rolled out across a further tenoSchools and Deaneries,  additional functionality  was developed to support business processes, and the tools developed during the pilot were further enhanced. The rollout and adoption have been well received in the latest areas, and the project team were delighted to receive excellent feedback from colleagues in the Schools we worked with.

Examples of this positive feedback included:

  • " As a school who have previously done things manually in a well-meant but risky way, APT is a fantastic project and I am already salivating at the time we will gain from the development of this system."
  • "I was told today that I have to run a course Board tomorrow (due to staff sickness), and I thought to myself, thank goodness for APT, I know I'll be able to easily get the data together at the last minute."
  • "I love the new system ! it's so easy and straightforward ! and will save us having to hassle you all the time !"
  • "... but I just wanted to let you know that APT has honestly changed my life this Board period! It is SO MUCH BETTER."

The project will now continue into a third phase in which we will build on the functionality already delivered by consolidating  the use of the application for all schools and by providing training and support documentation.