Information Services

IS Applications Lunchtime Seminar: EDW & BI Tools

Our most recent lunchtime seminar covered what the EDW project pipeline looks like so far and also looked at how to engage with the programme. In addition our discussions covered the Enterprise Data Model and looked at an overview of BI/MI Tools.

The recent Digital Transformation IS Apps Lunchtime Seminar on 27th January, focussed on some of the Business Intelligence programme work that is underway as part of Digital Transformation within the University.

  • Geoff Cropley highlighted some of the key work being done around the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), as part of the Digital Transformation Initiative. The major focus of his talk was on the work being conducted to establish effective governance and oversight of EDW. The ultimate aim is to make the process of getting data into EDW as painless and as pragmatic as possible. 
  • Wilbert Kraan talked about the work on a “federated data model”. This model is a way for us to agree common definitions of data across the University and a common understanding of how different data items can be linked together, all represented in an accessible way.
  • Nick Tordoff outlined the approach that is being taken to Business Intelligence tools. He looked at the challenges and opportunities that arise as a result of the rapidly evolving BI tools market.


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