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IS Applications Lunchtime Seminar: Estates IS Transformation

Our most recent lunchtime seminar covered the Estates Transformation programme, which sees Estates and Information Services working in partnership, with a focus on the EPPM Programme in particular.

The Estates IS team recently hosted a short presentation as part of the lunchtime seminar series. Derrick Matheson (Estates IS Transformation Programme Manager) and Lyn Thomson (EPPM Project Manager) discussed Estates Transformation programmes and plans for 2018 including EPPM programme.

Estates manage the build, purchase, refurbishment and maintenance of 5 campuses, 732 facilities and 550 buildings in Edinburgh, one of the largest, most diverse of any University. Estates team are investing £1.2Bn over 10 years transforming the UoE built estate to improve the working environment for our staff and students. Part of this investment is the Estates Transformation Programme which will streamline and improve investment in Estates IT systems, suppliers and standards through digital transformation.

Two key functions identified for optimisation within Estates are:

- Standardisation of Estates construction project management

- Management of financial Capital plans.

EPPM (Enterprise Portfolio Project Management) solution will help Estates to manage these two functions as the scale and scope of Estates workload increases.

The technology behind EPPM is a single, intuitive Software-as-a-Service application called PPM Anywhere, which will digitise data and documentation and provide improved management information. EPPM will be one of the first UoE delivered systems which will work with UoE ‘Core Systems’. EPPM will help to define a consistent approach which will be used for future technology delivery programmes. EPPM is expected to be in place by end 2018.

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