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Timetabling service successfully upgraded

Scientia Enterprise, the University’s timetabling service platform, has been successfully upgraded to a more up to date version, providing benefits for staff and students.

The timetabling service enables the scheduling of all teaching events at the University, as well as managing the room booking system for staff and students. Information and updates about events are also sent by the service to University Office 365 accounts.

This is an important service for students, as updates to their class schedule and locations are sent to their calendars which can be accessed from desktop or mobile, allowing students to stay up to date.

The timetabling service is composed of different applications and interfaces, many of which are provided by Scientia ltd. The software was updated in November 2019, with monitoring of the service continuing into the second semester to ensure the service continued to function correctly.

The service is currently hosted on premises and maintained by the IS Applications team within the Information Services Group. The upgrade project also included upgrades to the Timetabling infrastructure stack, which will allow the service to continue to be supported for the next 3 years.


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