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University of the the Highlands & Islands join UniDesk

UHI become the tenth partner in the UniDesk network

IS are pleased to announce that The University of Highlands & Islands (UHI) went live on UniDesk, supported by Service Management, on 17-Jun-2019 after a successful implementation Project SMI019 UniDesk for UHI.


UHI are the ninth member to join and tenth member to go live on the UniDesk service supported by the University of Edinburgh.


UHI recently completed the feedback survey which is provided to new UniDesk members after they go-live with the service.


Overall UHI have been very satisfied with the high level of engagement from the UniDesk team through the project. They were also very satisfied with the training sessions provided to the institutional administrators and the hands on train the trainer session. The on-site go live support and post launch support were also rated very highly.


They wish to continue with a high level of engagement and are very pleased that we have started a pilot to share resources, materials between institutions which they have stated should be the main USP of UniDesk.


‘Bringing UHI into UniDesk is a game changing approach to our service delivery model and will help UHI deliver equivalence of support experience across our user base – be it at one of our city campus sites in Inverness or Perth to a remote learning centre in Shetland or Argyll. The UniDesk Service Management Team took the time to understand our business and requirements and worked closely with us to ensure we could achieve a compliant procurement.’

Mike BurnsCustomer Service Manager,  The University of the Highlands and Islands

Mike Burns, Customer Service Manager,  The University of the Highlands and Islands