Information Services

Approval for Worktribe Upgrade to V3

Information Services has approved for the upgrade of Worktribe to its latest version V3

The Worktribe is an application that supports and manages the University’s pre-award/post-award submissions. There are two major releases of the application released each year. The project RIS006 has been initiated to deliver the next upgrade of Worktribe V3.

The upgrade to V3 will not only ensure that the University aligns with the latest version but can benefit from the latest functional changes released within the next version. The application is fundamental to many of the key University business processes on a daily basis.

The supplier of the Worktribe Application (Worktribe) has recently completed of the Worktribe Application to v2.5 in support with the business and Applications Management.

The upgrade to 2.5 was essential to comply with GDPR legislation.

The upgrade of Worktribe V3 will encompass the following objectives:

  • Ensure that the application’s existing functionality works as expected
  • Testing  of processes adopted by the University are successful
  • Testing of the Interfaces presenting data to Worktribe from Finance, HR, and IDM are working as expected
  • Testing of the external reporting solution (and the Worktribe BI Extract)
  • Testing of additional and/or enhanced functionality to the system
  • Refresh of data from LIVE into TEST
  • Upgrading WIKI pages and/or User Guidance

The delivery of the upgrade to V3 is due to be delivered into LIVE by the end of January 2019.