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Vets and ISG team up to fundraise for Ukraine

Staff from across the University of Edinburgh have come together to support the people of Ukraine and help with fundraising efforts.

Ukraine flag
Ukraine flag

More than £600 was raised for the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal through an event held by The Dick Vet Equine Hospital, part of the University’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.

The ‘Ask the Expert’ evening, held via Zoom, was organised by Equine Hospital Administrator Elinor Muir and featured a number of panellists from across the Veterinary School.    

In order to enable donations to be made to the appeal, Sarah Anderson, from the Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability (SRS), and Willie Mitchell, from Service Management, teamed up to create enable functionality in Zoom to collect donations.

Elinor Muir said: Thank you so much to everyone who attended our 'Ask The Expert' event! It was a lot of fun and there were some great questions! We raised £606 for the DEC humanitarian appeal - many, many thanks for supporting us in this endeavour.

The work of Willie Mitchell and the Service Management Support Team provided an additional boon as their testing of the Zoom donation capabilities gave confidence that the donations app  was safe, secure, and did not interfere with common Zoom usage.

Willie Mitchell said: “This exercise has given us excellent real-world knowledge of the potential for further Zoom App rollout should University business require it.”