Information Services

University eInvoicing Solution

A recent project has focussed on the implementation of a new eInvoicing solution which facilitates the exchange of information between the University and external suppliers.

The new solution allows invoices and related documents to be issued, received and reconciled electronically through a secure process. It also the enables automated processing of electronic invoices received from a supplier into the University’s core finance system, with no manual intervention.


The solution was developed in two phases to ensure compliance with the requirements of the EU Directive and Scots Law on electronic invoicing which state that an eInvoice is one that has been issued, transmitted and received in a structured electronic format, which allows for automatic and electronic processing.


The project comes with many benefits, including reduced costs as Invoice keying, scanning, storage, manual retrieval and destruction costs are removed. The straight-through processing of invoice data is also expected to allow for improved accuracy and processing efficiency, as well as overall faster processing. By removing physical paper copies, the eInvoicing system will also help to reduce the University’s carbon footprint.


The project was undertaken by a joint team from the Finance Department, Information Services Group Applications Directorate, and the Scottish Government, and complies with the EU directive and Scottish law.



Scottish Government Electronic Invoicing Guide