Information Services

A MicroService for Personal Information

Further development of a new service to make updating personal information simpler and quicker for students.

Information Services has designed a MicroService to ease the process of changing and updating personal information. This MicroService can best be thought of as a widget that is placed within the current MyEd framework, allowing end-users to update their personal information without having to access EUCLID again. The MicroService guarantees that the mandatory process of editing personal information is done as intuitively and hassle-free as possible. It also helps in improving the quality of data available to student systems, and reduces the need for manual entry.

A pilot for the project had already been run earlier in January and February of this year. From the pilot, feedback collected from 500 students had indicated largely favourable reviews. Key highlights included the service working smoothly, and as expected, students complimented its role in easing the task of editing contact details.

Information Services is now looking to further develop the MicroService, planning to have it live by this summer. This would result in the app being ready for students of the new intake, and just in time before annual reporting. So keep your eyes peeled for more updates of the app.