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Managing end of life of EUCLID physical servers

The server hosting the student records EUCLID database is being moved from physical servers to Virtual Machine  The scope of this project is to move the EUCLID Streams to Virtual Machine. Streams are used to feed all downstream systems off EUCLID. This will be followed by another project for moving the database to VM after the next student records software upgrade in 2021.

This is to prepare for the end of life of the physical servers expected in 2022.

The benefits are:

  • Removing the ongoing cost of the physical servers licenses (over £7k saving per annum)
  • Enhancing support thanks to moving to a new supported server 
  • Streams will have its own Virtual Machine database: as a result there are more options should there be downtime of databases, the dependency with the EUCLID database will be removed
  • Improving maintenance for patching processes. This will allow to move to monthly patches (was quarterly), using automated process (was manual)  

More project details available on the projects website.

Franck Bergeret 

Programme Manager, Applications Directorate