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Need Help Hiring? Extra Support Available for Hiring Managers

Assistance is available to hiring managers who need to navigate the new recruitment process

Hiring Support Available

The Business Admin Team are the first point of contact for all recruitment in the Information Services Group (ISG) and have created a new form to make it easier for hiring managers to request support.

The form can be found on the ISG SharePoint Page; where People & Money System Recruiters will pick up the information, offer co-piloting support and proactively track the stages of your vacancy.  

For hiring managers at the very first stages of recruitment and unsure of where to begin, a request can be made through UniDeskand a Business Support Administrator will respond to discuss requirements and advise on next steps.  

For any questions regarding Recruitment Services, contact: Liz Thomas, Business Administrator & Joint Head of ISG Business Administration (Acting) Claire Maguire, Business Administrator & Joint Head of ISG Business Administration (Acting)

For those confident in raising Job Requisitions without assistance, the Business Admin Team have asked for managers to add themselves both as the Hiring Manager and Recruiter when completing their Job Requisition and notify them via the SharePoint form.