Important Covid-19 information

Stay safe and protect each other during the Covid-19 pandemic

Our Good Citizen Guide provides details on the Covid-19 guidelines in Scotland, what is expected of our students, how to report breaches to the University, and how failure to comply with these guidelines will be dealt with, including possible disciplinary action.

Good Citizen Guide

Please let the University know if you are self-isolating and have told us you are studying/conducting research on-campus:

Inform the University that you're self-isolating

Find information about Semester One 2020/21. If you are a new student joining us in September, please visit the New Students website.

Semester One information

Students and your parents and supporters are invited to a live Q&A event on Wednesday 25 November.

Find out about the activities and events you can get involved in.

Find the latest news from across the University, or submit a story if you have something you would like to share with the student community.

Health and wellbeing

It's important to prioritise your health and wellbeing.

Our EdHelp service makes it easier for you to find out what you need, providing clear and straightforward access to key services including Library, IT, Student Finance, and Student Administration, both online and in-person.

Academic life

Every aspect of supporting you while you are a student at the University of Edinburgh from your online profile to your personal tutor.

Living in Edinburgh

Things to do and getting around Edinburgh. Help finding accommodation and childcare and what life is like for an international student in the city.

Photo of an Astronomy student working on a computer

The University of Edinburgh Doctoral College was founded in January 2020 to support all postgraduate researchers and supervisors across the University.

Careers and Opportunities

Useful resources and sources of support for helping you make the most of your time at Edinburgh including support with looking for internships and part-time jobs, help with applications and planning for your next steps after graduation.

Money Fees and Finance

Find out about bank accounts, scholarships, funding and how to pay tuition fees. Access your student finance channel or get advice on debt problems.