Health and wellbeing

While university life is full of exciting opportunities, it can also be an overwhelming time. Here you can find information on a range of services provided by the University and throughout Edinburgh to support your physical and mental wellbeing.

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Health services

While at university, make sure you register with a doctor close to where you live. You can also get free access to period products and condoms.

Wellbeing services

Whether you want to speak to someone or do some self-help, we are here to help point you in the direction of services and resources to look after your wellbeing.

Support in a crisis

We can help point you to resources and organisations that can help in the event of a mental health crisis or crime, including sexual assault and harassment.

Report and Support

You can use our Report + Support platform to report any forms of bullying, harassment, discrimination or gender-based violence on campus.

Student Mental Health Agreement with NUS Scotland

Our Student Mental Health Agreement 2023-2025

Student Mental Health Strategy

Good mental health is essential to students’ academic success and to their participation in a high quality and rewarding student experience.

Social PrescribeED

Welcome to SocialPrescribED, the University of Edinburgh’s social prescribing initiative. SocialPrescriED uses a referral pathway to providing non-clinical support to address social determinants of ill health.

Worried about someone?

If you are concerned about the wellbeing of another student, friend or flatmate, learn who to contact at the University and find resources to help you.

Let's Talk

The Let's Talk podcast is a new series bringing different members of the University community together to have honest and thought-provoking conversations about a range of mental health topics.

Student Parents

Guidance and information for our students who are also parents.

Support for PGR Students

Information for postgraduate researchers

Sport and exercise

Physical exercise is also great for mental wellbeing. The University's Sport and Exercise team have made a number of online classes and tutorials available to help.

Health & Wellbeing Centre

The University of Edinburgh has created a dedicated health and wellbeing centre for students.

Wellbeing Services Vision & Mission

The University's Wellbeing Services agreed vision

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