Gender based violence

We are here to support survivors of gender based violence, which includes sexual assault, harassment, stalking and domestic abuse. If you’ve experienced gender based violence, learn about the different support channels and what happens if you tell the University.

Are you safe?

If you are in physical danger or in need of immediate medical attention, call the emergency services on 999. 

Follow this guidance if you are in an emergency situation and need police help, but can’t speak.

The University’s Equally Safe team is a specialist staff team that offers support for anyone affected by sexual violence and other forms of gender based violence.

Find out more about the support the University offers

What is gender based violence?

Gender based violence is any type of unwanted sexual act, including sexual assault and harassment.


Learn where you can access medical, emotional and advisory support, both at the University and through local and national helplines.

Report + Support

Link to the platform to report disclosures of sexual violence, harassment, GBV, stalking and domestic abuse

Telling the University

It’s always your choice, but you may decide to disclose details of gender based violence to the University and make a formal complaint when the allegation is against a student or University staff member. Staff at the University will always ensure that you have the support that you need.

Investigations of sexual violence

If you make a complaint against a University student or staff member for sexual violence, including sexual assault or harassment, the University may decide to conduct an investigation into a breach of conduct.

Guidelines for students accused of gender based violence

These guidelines are intended to provide initial information and advice, and to help you to think about the support you need and how to access it.

Our partnerships

The University of Edinburgh is partnered with a number of organisations to promote support for the survivors of sexual violence.