Cost of living help

We understand that many of you may be worried about meeting your day to day costs. In this section, you will find help with budgeting and with saving on essential and non-essential expenses. It also covers free and discounted products and services that might make the cost of living easier to manage.

Video: Cost of Living video for students
Messages from Lucy Evans, Deputy Secretary, Students and Niamh Roberts, EUSA Presdient, for students about what the university is doing, provides to assist with the cost of living.

Free services and discounts for students

Learn about the free and discounted services we provide to support your studies and wellbeing, also, discover the various cards and apps you can use to access student discounts at shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Create a budget

A well-planned budget empowers you to manage your bills and make informed financial decisions. Learn how to track your income and expenses, set some financial goals and get expert guidance when you need it. 

Save on essential bills

We understand that the current rise in the cost of living has put significant stress on your finances. Find out how to save on essential costs like rent, energy, food and transport.

Save on non-essential purchases

Find tips that can help reduce expenses and save money. These include evaluating subscriptions, cutting back on impulse purchases, buying used and second-hand items, exploring free activities.

The University, Student's Association and Sports Union worked together with the mental health charity, Charlie Waller Trust to produce this video for students. 

Video: Managing Your Finances
A short video on support available with cost of living issues.