Funding and financial support

Get an introduction to some of the loans, bursaries scholarships and grants available to help with your tuition fees and living costs. We also offer financial support/aid for any current students facing unexpected financial difficulties.

Government student loans  

The most common funding source for UK students is through government-backed student loans. You can apply for tuition fee loans and maintenance loans to cover your tuition fees and living expenses. Loans are available for undergraduate and postgraduate study.  These loans are typically repaid after graduation, based on income.  

Student loans and grants for UK students 

Student loans for international students 


Government bursaries and grants for UK students

Bursaries, allowances and grants are available to specific groups of UK students. If you qualify, you do not need to pay this money back. Awards are paid on top of the support available for fees, and loans. 


  • Young Students' Bursary: You may be able to apply for a Young Students’ Bursary if you are under 25 and your household income is under £34,000.  


  • Care-Experienced Bursary: If you are a care-experienced student you may be eligible for a bursary to help with living costs. This award is not income assessed and the amount available is £9000. 


  • Independent Students' Bursary: If your parents are no longer alive and you have no legal guardian, or if you are over 25 or have a child under 18, you may qualify for an Independent Students’ Bursary of £1000. 


  • Estranged Students’ Bursary: If you are estranged from your parents or legal guardians before the start of the academic year, you may be eligible for the Estranged Students’ Bursary.   


Bursaries for undergraduates (Student Awards Agency Scotland)  

Student Finance (UK Government)

Disabled Students' Allowance  

If you have a disability, long-term health condition, or specific learning difficulty, you may be eligible for the Disabled Students' Allowance. This allowance gives you funding to cover costs related to your circumstances, such as specialised equipment or support.   

Funding for disabled students 


Dependent and lone-parent grants 

The Student Awards Agency offers a grant to support you if you're responsible for the care of another adult or if you are a lone parent. You may also be eligible for a childcare grant if you are a lone parent. You do not need to pay these grants back. They are paid on top of the support available for fees, loans, and bursaries. 

The University also offers a discretionary fund to support you if you struggle to afford childcare. 

Living costs grants (Student Awards Agency Scotland)  

The University's Discretionary Childcare Fund 



In addition to financial assistance provided by UK Government agencies, the University and external funding sources offer scholarships and awards for UK and international students. Our scholarship search is a quick way to find out if there are any scholarships that you qualify for. 

Scholarship search 


The University’s financial support/aid

The University offers financial support if you are facing unexpected financial difficulties. These funds are designed to supply short-term aid and can help cover living or emergency costs.

This fund replaces the hardship and discretionary funds and is available to UK and international students.

Any awards granted do not have to be repaid. However, they are awarded based on need. You'll need to present evidence of your current financial situation.

University’s financial support fund 


Support for part-time students 

If you are a UK resident studying part-time, you may be eligible for help with your fees and living costs. You may also get Universal Credit if you’re available for work. The amount of Universal Credit you get will depend on your earnings. 

Funding for part-time students 

Part-time study and Universal Credit (UK Government website)


More funding information

This page contains a summary of the funding opportunities for students. You can find the full range of options available to students on the Scholarships and Student Funding website.

Scholarships and Student Funding