Investigating a staff member

If you make a complaint relating to sexual violence, including sexual assault or harassment, involving a member of University staff, then this will be investigated under the University’s staff disciplinary procedure. Throughout the process, the University will ensure that you are aware of the range of support available to you and will help you to access support if you decide to do so.

Starting an investigation

Meeting with you

A member of staff will be appointed to investigate your complaint, who will meet with you to discuss your complaint.

Meeting with the staff member and witnesses

They will also meet with the member of staff your complaint relates to, and any witnesses identified by yourself or the member of staff.

Completing an investigation

Once the investigation has been completed, you will be advised as to whether or not your complaint has been upheld.

If your complaint is upheld, a disciplinary panel will consider the conduct of the staff member.

Confidential action taken

In line with the University’s staff disciplinary procedure and its duty as an employer, the action taken by the disciplinary panel will remain confidential.

Ensuring your wellbeing

You will, however, be advised of measures the Panel recommends be put in place to ensure your wellbeing.


If you have any questions about this process, please contact HR Discipline, Grievance, Capability | The University of Edinburgh