Student Partnership Agreement

How students and staff at the University work in partnership to enhance the student experience.

The Student Partnership Agreement states how students and the University are working in partnership. It is reviewed annually and, over time, will document activity.

The University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh University Students’ Association enjoy a long and productive partnership. This agreement builds on the strength of that partnership. It highlights how the wider University, including all students and staff, can effectively work together to enhance the student experience. It sets out our values, our approach to partnership and the priorities we have agreed to work on together.

During 2018/19, a total of ten projects were approved and included topics such as the development of a reading group, a student -staff community building event, and a student-driven podcast for promoting subject information. Please contact Academic Services if you would like details about any of the projects undertaken in 2018/19. 

Funds are now available for students and staff to submit bids to undertake small projects during 2019/20 that support the Student Partnership Agreement. To learn more about the funding application process, follow the link below.

Student Partnership Agreement - small project funding available