Student Mental Health Agreement with NUS Scotland

Our Student Mental Health Agreement 2023-2025

Universities and colleges across Scotland participate in creating their Student Mental Health Agreements, in partnership with their Student Unions and Associations and Sports Unions. In collaboration with students, these agreements form the basis of how whole institutions will approach student mental health and wellbeing over a two-year period.  

We have worked with the Edinburgh University Students' Association, the Edinburgh University Sports Union, students in our accommodation and more to create the agreement based on their ideas and values to raise awareness on mental health for students. It is available in both summary format and long form.

Please take a look and if you have any feedback, email

We will also be hosting focus groups with the Student Wellbeing Service. If you would like to be involved, please email the address above.


For more information on Student Mental Health Agreements, and Think Positive work from NUS Scotland, visit them!