Activities and Events

Find out about the activities and events you can get involved in at the University of Edinburgh.

Download the UoE Events app

The University of Edinburgh Events app is an easy way for you to browse all of the information and events taking place throughout the year. 

The Students 2021-2022 guide within the app brings together a collection of event details, guides, web pages, checklists, tips, and general advice to help students learn what is happening at the University.

Most helpfully, this app comes with lots of features to make it easier to navigate the events and activities available, including the option to build your own activities schedule, find information on students support services and different networking groups so that you will always be able to meet new people.

How to download

The app is compatible with iOS, Android, Blackberry 10+, and Amazon Kindle. Download the app by searching for any of the following words: 'Edinburgh Events' or 'Edinburgh University events' on the Google Play or Apple App stores.  

If you are using a desktop computer, Windows Phones or other unsupported devices you can still access the guide by a web browser. 

University of Edinburgh Events App

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