Typical and Problem Periods

Information on periods from a University research centre


The MRC Centre for Reproductive Health at the University of Edinburgh has created the scientific animation ‘Typical and Problem Periods’ to raise awareness of menstrual problems, and offer support and guidance.  

Typical and problem periods’ clearly and simply describes menstruation, how to identify if periods are not typical, and where to seek help.

It also highlights the important research into this topic being carried out by Dr Jacqueline Maybin and her lab group at MRC Centre for Reproductive Health.

Their vital work helps to prevent problematic periods from occurring and develops more effective treatment options.


Information here on background details and additional support links, as well as the animation.

The full animation on YouTube.

There are English subtitles and a number of additional language options. To access subtitles, go to the Settings wheel (computer) or the three dots (phone) in the corner of the screen and choose Subtitles, then your language of choice.