Frequently Asked Questions

Questions specifically focused on the student parent experience

These questions have been collated by our Student Parents group to assist others.


How much notice do we get for our timetable? This depends on your degree programme and if you have optional course choices. (more info tbc)

What support/ provisions does the uni have for those who'd like to take maternity/ paternity leave? Vacation, maternity and parental leave | The University of Edinburgh

Are lectures recorded/ available online? Most of the university lectures are recorded and available on course Virtual Learning pages (Learn). More information is available here

How do you manage studying with children? Student Parents Informal Session | The University of Edinburgh

Are children allowed into University buildings? University buildings have local guidance in place on children being allowed into buildings. Please check with your local EDI rep or building manager. Children are not given blanket access to teaching classes, please also check with local supervisors on this. A new study room in the Main Library, Central campus is in development for student parents to take their children to.

PG How to find students like you, for mature students, student parents and student carers - Media Hopper Create


Will I need a guarantor to rent private accommodation, and if I don't have one what can I do? Rent Guarantor Scheme | The University of Edinburgh

Childcare and funding

How do I apply for the Childcare fund?


Is there any financial support for children attending nursery?  The ELC discount is available to all 3-4 year olds and some 2 year olds depending on parents circumstances. All council nurseries and many private nurseries offer this.

Are international students eligible for funded childcare for their child/dependents? EU/Overseas students, PhD students and part-time postgraduate students are not eligible to receive childcare funds.

External agencies

Where can I go for local support for being a parent, plus where to get cheap prams, buggies? The Pregnancy and Parents Centre, Scottish Buggy Club, Scottish Parliament creche, Bookbug singalong sessions in public libraries,, Gumtree, Freecycle, Facebook Market)

Are Student Parents who are also staff able to join the social media groups?  Of course. All Student Parents are welcome to join. Here is a page for staff benefits, including childcare

Are prospective Student Parents able to join the social media groups? Absolutely!