Report and Support

A platform for reporting distressing situations related to sexual violence, harassment, domestic abuse and stalking.

Use the link below to access the Report + Support site:

Report + Support - The University of Edinburgh

We recommend you access via VPN from off campus networks where possible. If you have issues accessing, please email

How to use Report + Support

You can report in two different ways, both anonymous or named so we can support further. There are support pages and FAQS for you on the site.

Please be aware that reporting in this way does not mean a student complaint or conduct is automatically instigated, but if you choose to report with your name, we can discuss this option further with you. You can choose how you wish to be contacted, and what gender of staff will contact you if you would like. 

The site is not an emergency site, and is not staffed over the weekend. 

If you have any feedback, please email

Accessibility Statement

Report + Support Accessibility Statement | The University of Edinburgh

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