Start of Semester and Matriculation

Information for new students who are parents

Starting at University

At the start of the academic year, it can sometimes appear that you don’t have time to feel the excitement and anticipation of starting your degree course because there is so much to do.  In this section, we want to highlight a few key things to think about in the weeks just before and after semester begins.

This section highlights useful Information for new students who are parents, preparing to start university.

New Students

The New Student webpages provide a useful summary of resources and information to help you to prepare in the weeks before and just after you start University and matriculate.

Visit the new student website

Academic and Pastoral support

You will receive a combination of academic and dedicated student experience and administrative staff support within your academic school. Your individual school/s will provide you with further information about this support, before you start.  

Outside of your academic school the Advice Place, operated through the Students’ Association, can provide advice and guidance in matters such as wellbeing, money, accommodation and more. 

Find out more about The Advice Place

Prepare to start at University

As you start to prepare for University life both personally and academically this can be both exciting yet also overwhelming as it can feel like there is so much to do.

We wanted to highlight a number of induction courses/programmes that take place to help give you the best start at University, in the weeks just before and after semester begins. 

‘Moving On’ is an induction programme run by the Centre for Open Learning, which comes highly recommended. It takes place just before welcome week.  The programme will allow you to experience university life and start making early connections with other new students, helping you to get the most out of welcome week and the period around matriculation.

Find out more information about ‘Moving On’ and the eligibility


To officially enrol and become a university of Edinburgh student, every student needs to complete the Matriculation process.

You can find information about matriculation on the University student systems website. Further information will be provided on the new student website in the Top 6 Tasks about how to complete these steps, nearer to the time that you start University.

Matriculation explained – student systems

Bringing your family

Guidance and resources for students accompanied by family or dependents. If your dependents are moving with you to the UK you should consider accommodation, healthcare and support.

We provide couples and family accommodation for students who wish to bring their partners or children with them while studying at the University of Edinburgh. 

While this type of accommodation is not guaranteed, offers are made on a first come, first served basis; and only once you become Unconditional Firm to study at the University of Edinburgh.

Couples and families (Accommodation site)

Finding private accommodation


Student Parents Health and Wellbeing

Find further guidance and information for our students who are also parents

Student Parents navigating university life


Your children

Find childcare in or near your place of study. The Kings Buildings offers its own childcare service but there are many registered nurseries across the city of Edinburgh.

Childcare, schools, and looking after your family while studying


Tier 4 students

If you are coming to study in the UK as a Tier 4 student you may wish to bring family with you. Certain students are permitted to bring family members to the UK as dependants.

Immigration guidance for international students with dependents

For further information on bringing your family, including information on healthcare and support for your family, visit the International Applicants site.

Students with dependents 


It is useful to check that you have all the student funding you are eligible for.  We would recommend that you look at the Scholarship and student funding website for funds via the University in the first instance.

Access Awards – Scholarships and Student Funding  

Students with children – Scholarships and Student Funding

We also recommend investigating others funds via the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS), for example their Lone Parents' Grant.  

Further information for other funds on Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS)


The University offers student family accommodation at Blacket Avenue. There are 2, 3, and 4 bedroom flats located near the central main campus. These flats are managed by the University and are very popular.

If you are interested in University accommodation, then early investigation and application is highly recommended.

Contact student accommodation for more information and to apply



The key meeting you will have at this time of year is with your personal tutor, programme director or supervisor, depending on your studies.  Current student Daniel Suarez Bernal outlines his thoughts on the key points of this first meeting.


As a student at The University of Edinburgh I feel very lucky to have a Personal Tutor (PT). At first I did not know what to expect, but all the support I have received has definitely exceeded my expectations by far. You can find who is your PT 1 or 2 weeks before starting the semester in your MyEd account, as well as all the contact details to get in touch. Your PT is the best person you can ask directly any doubts you have about the subjects you should enrol or any other thing you are struggling with, like how to get financial support or how to get extra time to submit your assessments.  However, if you do not contact her/him, they will email you to arrange a meeting at the beginning of the semester.

My first meeting with my PT was a great experience, especially because since then I never felt on my own dealing with the big challenge that is studying at Edinburgh. She asked me questions about myself and which were my aims while studying my degree. There is no right or wrong answer for that. She just wanted to get to know me at least a bit. She also gave a detailed orientation and very useful tips to deal with the challenging academic life like where I could find workshops and information to learn writing skills, class notes taking, and even time management so you can plan your week to warrant your success with the submissions and assessments.  Furthermore, I asked her a few questions about the right undergraduate pathway for me, and she gave me very good recommendations. The sooner you engage with your PT, the sooner you start surfing the wave with your studies.