New Students

Let's get started and stay connected - Welcome to the University of Edinburgh

This website is for all new students. Here you will find all of the information and resources you need to help you get ready to start University.  

Join the New Student Facebook Group 2020-2021 to start meeting your fellow students! 

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Join us online this January for 'How-to' information sessions. Whatever your 'How-to' question, our live online sessions will help you find your answers by connecting you with our professional support staff.

The Students 2020-2021 guide within the University of Edinburgh Events app  brings together a collection of event details, guides, web pages, checklists, tips, and general advice to help new students to learn what is happening at the University. 

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Download the New Students Getting Started Guide, and begin completing your essential tasks to help you settle into your new university life. 

Discover more about what to expect when you start your University journey and complete your essential tasks for the start of University.

Arrive and move into Accommodation

Campus safety (Covid-19)

Download the UoE Events App

Our Good Citizen Guide provides details on:

  • the Covid-19 guidelines in Scotland
  • what is expected of our students
  • how to report breaches to the University
  • how failure to comply with these guidelines will be dealt with, including possible disciplinary action
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Help your new student transition successfully into university.

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Prepare for the start of University life as a postgraduate student whose degree is taught only online.