New Students

Let's get started and stay connected - Welcome to the University of Edinburgh

This website is for all new students. Here you will find the information and resources you need to help you get ready to start University.  

Join the New Student Facebook Group 2021 - 2022 to start meeting your fellow students! 

The official Facebook group is for all students holding offers from the University of Edinburgh in the academic year 2021/2022;

  •  to ask questions
  • to find out information about the University
  • to meet other new students
  • to feel part of the University before you start your student life here! 

Our new student guide within the University of Edinburgh Events app brings together a collection of event details, to-do lists, useful web pages, and general advice to prepare you for the start of your studies.

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Help your new student transition successfully into university.

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Prepare for the start of University life as a postgraduate student whose degree is taught only online.