New Students

Your Essential Top 6 Tasks

You must complete these essential Top 6 Tasks before you start and during your first week, to enable you to become a student of the University of Edinburgh

All of the following tasks require some steps to be taken before you begin your studies and some to be taken after you have started. These are relevant for ALL new students.

Each task is explained below with further information about how to complete each one. 


Complete your matriculation

Task 1
Matriculation means completing steps that officially enrol you as a student at the University. Every student needs to complete the steps. There are also additional tasks if you are coming from outside the UK, the EU, or the EEA.

Access your timetable

Task 2
Information about how to access your timetable to plan your schedule and work out where your teaching will take place

Pay your fees

Task 3
Plan the payment of your tuition and accommodation fees.

Apply for your University card

Task 4
You are required to have an up-to-date University student card that you should carry with you at all times and you must apply for your University card in advance of starting. 

Set up your University WiFi

Task 5
Information you need to help you set up your devices on the University WIFI.

Register with a GP/doctor

Task 6
It is important that you register with a doctor as soon as possible after your arrival in Edinburgh. You can research GP Practices before you arrive, and then register once you are in Edinburgh. We want to make sure that you look after yourself whilst studying, both physically and mentally, and that you know how to get medical assistance if you need it.