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Register as a student

Registration is the first step of the matriculation process and is required for all new and continuing students each year, including online learners.

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What you need to do 

You will need to register your personal details with the University before you start each year. This is referred to as ‘Annual Registration’.  

You will be asked to provide some basic information, including: 

  • personal and emergency contact details 

  • previous qualifications (for new students) 

  • confirmation that you wish to accept or decline a programme place 

  • confirmation that you have read and accept the University of Edinburgh’s regulations 

Why you need to do it 

You should complete registration as soon as possible to confirm your intention to take up your place at Edinburgh, so that we can prepare for your arrival.

When you do it 

Annual Registration is open to you approximately four weeks prior to your programme start date.  

Before this time, you may have been asked to fulfil any additional programme-specific admissions criteria, such as evidence of English language proficiency, organising Disclosure Scotland checks, etc.  

If you were not asked to provide anything extra by your School/College as part of your offer, then you do not need to do anything additional to registration.

How you do it 

You will receive an email to both your student and personal email accounts to let you know when this online form is available for you to complete. If you have not accessed your student email account, you should do this as a priority. 

Information on getting an email address 

You can login also log into MyEd and access your student record by clicking onto the following tabs on the MyEd homepage: Accounts > Progression > My student record 

Information on MyEd 

You cannot complete any further steps to get ready without completing your ‘annual registration’.  

You will receive reminder emails if you have not completed this task once term has begun.

A step-by-step guide to completing each of these steps can be found on the University Student Systems website:

Matriculation Explained (Student Systems website)

Next steps 

Annual Registration is the first part of our ‘matriculation’ process.  

‘Matriculation’ refers to the process of officially enrolling as a student at the University. There are two main parts to the process that you must do:  

  • Before you start (online): Annual Registration 

  • When you start (in-person): Confirm your attendance 

The process for confirming your attendance varies between School, types of study, and Programme. 

Your School will contact you in advance of starting to explain where to go on-campus to confirm your attendance.  

If you are an exclusively online learner, your School will explain how to confirm your attendance.  

Once you have completed the steps outlined above, you will be able to view your matriculation status and any further required steps by launching the 'My student record' channel in MyEd, and accessing the 'Programme' tab. 

Check your matriculation status in MyEd (requires your University login) 

Do you need help? 

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