New Students

Student life

Find out more about being a student at the University of Edinburgh.

Being a student is an exciting time full of new experiences, opportunities, challenges and prospects. This section brings together some of the key areas of student life to consider ahead of embarking on your new student journey. 

Set up your University WiFi

Connect your devices to the University's WiFi network.

Connect with other students

There are a few options to connect digitally with other new students before you start.

Get Involved

Being worried about making new friends in Edinburgh is one of the most common concerns for new students. It is important to remember that you are not alone and that everyone else is in the same position.

Fund your studies

Fees and Funding
Research how you will support yourself financially before starting university.

Plan your budget

Estimate your future living costs as a student and plan your budget effectively.

Open a UK bank account

Bank accounts
Find out how to open a bank account in the UK and what the benefits of having an account are.

Settling into University

Starting university is a significant adjustment, and it may take a while to feel settled into your new way of life.

Career prospects

A successful career requires more than just a degree. During your time at university, you will have plenty of opportunities to develop both personally and professionally in addition to your formal education.