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Open a UK bank account

Find out how to open a bank account in the UK and what the benefits of having an account are.

Why should you open a UK bank account?

Opening a UK bank account has several benefits for students, including:

  • fraud protection
  • safety and security of your money 
  • you can use it to pay your rent and tuition fees
  • you can use it to manage other daily expenses without incurring any extra charges 

Things to consider

The process of opening an account will vary from bank to bank, in terms of what they offer and what accounts you are eligible for. You need to think about:

  • the type of bank account available to you in terms of an overdraft, fees, charges and additional perks
  • the type of documentation required to open an account (e.g. passport, letter of study offer from the University, proof of address)
  • how long it will take to open an account
  • eligibility requirements including the minimum expected length of stay in the UK

Watch our short video

This short video will cover the benefits of opening a UK bank account, what you’ll need in order to open an account and the types of bank account that may be available to you.

Video: How to... Open a bank account in the UK (UG/PGT/PGR)
This short video will cover what types of UK bank accounts are available to students, the benefits of opening a UK bank account, common issues and how the Advice Place can help. This video is part of the 'How to...' 2023 series.

Further information

We recommend you visit the Advice Place website for up to date guidance on how to open an account, the types of accounts available to you and how to bank safely.

The Advice Place - Banking

The UCAS website also contains lots of useful information for international students.

UCAS - How to open a UK bank account

Banking safety and terminology

Understanding banking terminology and how to keep your bank account details secure.