New Students

Supporters of new students

The University of Edinburgh understands that as a supporter of a new student, you want what is best for them. We also recognise that you may have questions and concerns as your student makes this transition. The first year at university can be a great transition for new students as well as the people in their lives and we want to be sure that you feel supported through this journey too.

If you are a student who is a parent or has care responsibilities; there is support available to you through the Students' Association. The students with children or caring responsibilities page of the Student's Association website 



The University's relationship with students

The University of Edinburgh's approach to our relationship with our students recognises their status as adults—even those who have not yet reached the age of 18. 

What happens next?

This section gives you a broad overview of what happens prior to arrival and during a student's time at Edinburgh

Supporting your new student

New students will experience many highs and lows as they transition into their new lives as a student, it is important that they maintain their support structures and connections with their supporters.

Career prospects

Employers are looking for well-rounded students, who have made the most of their time at university to develop skills and experiences.

Alumni Publications

Alumni Services publish a range of print and electronic publications for alumni and supporters of the University, including 'Edit' the Alumni Magazine and 'Edinburgh Friends'  for supporters of the University

Alumni Publications