New Students

Welcome Week

Welcome Week is more than just being introduced to your new subject area. It is your time to get comfortable with your new surroundings, explore the city of Edinburgh, meet fellow students, make new friends and try out new things!

Monday 9 September to Sunday 15 September 2024

Two students walking on George Square campus

Welcome Week is the week prior to the first week of the academic semester. Welcome Week 2024 will begin on Monday 9 September, with Arrivals Weekend (the main time for moving into accommodation) taking place on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 September.

Academic Year 2024-2025 semester dates

We are so excited to meet you and welcome you to the University of Edinburgh community!

New students

Welcome Week offers something for everyone and we really recommend our undergraduate and postgraduate communities make the most of this time to try new things, explore campus and connect with fellow new students, not just from your subject area but beyond.

New students will be provided with information about events and activities that will be available for you to attend throughout Welcome Week. Our events and activities all offer different forms of interaction or information to help you settle into University and give you the opportunity to meet with staff and connect with students.

Programme of induction activities

All areas of the University are working together to create a mix of in-person activities along with online information to help you get settled into University life. Our induction activities will give you all of the information you need to get started, along with opportunities to network, explore, contribute and create a first and lasting connection to the University.

If you cannot be on campus at the start of the semester, you should keep in touch with your School. Staff will be able to make sure that you are informed of any issues, and can help you to decide when the best time to come on campus might be. 

Essential vs. optional events

Your School induction activities are essential to attend as they are where you will receive information about your course, what to expect and the chance to connect with your new class mates.  If you are unable to attend any School induction activities, you should contact your School and they will make the resources and information available to you.

You will receive direct email communication from your School or programme confirming the details of your induction activities and how to attend. 

Optional (but highly recommended) activities will also be held throughout Welcome Week. These activities will include:

  • Welcome events and information sessions
  • Society-led events
  • Fairs

Details of optional events and how you can get involved will be released over the coming months and in the run-up to Welcome Week.

Planning your induction and Welcome Week activities

During Welcome Week you will be in control of your schedule and whilst you must attend your essential School induction events, everything else can be planned to suit you. Whilst you may want to get involved in everything that's on offer, it's also important to include some time in your schedule to relax. You may also need to set aside time to complete the Top 6 Tasks.

Complete your Top 6 Tasks