New Students

Connect with other students

There are a few options to connect digitally with other new students before you start.

University of Edinburgh (UoE) Events App

Downloading the University of Edinburgh Events app is the best way to browse all of the events taking place before and during Welcome Week for new students.

Download the UoE Events App

Within the app, you can also use the dynamic 'Interact' feature to connect with other new students. If you have created a profile with Guidebook, you will be able to create and share posts. We would recommend using this social feed to: 

  • introduce yourself and try to identify students in similar situations (e.g. same course, coming from same country, same interests etc.)
  • ask questions about getting started - you will definitely not be the only person who has that exact question
  • share updates about what you have discovered and helped you to prepare and feel settled

You will be able to react and comment on other student's posts.

If you choose not to create a profile (it is completely optional), than you can still view the interactions on this social feed. 

New Students Facebook Group

You can meet other new students online by joining the University’s official Facebook group for new students. You will have been invited to join this group in your offer letter. 

Join the official New Students Facebook Group

Red bunting with lettering in front of trees
Meet other new students and feel part of the University before you start your student life here.