New Students

Register with a GP/doctor

All eligible students must register with a GP/Doctor when living in Edinburgh. This page will explain who is eligible, how to register and how to access medical assistance.

GP Registration 

If you are studying in Edinburgh for longer than three months, you can register with your nearest doctor, known as a General Practitioner (GP).  If you are on a short-term visit or travelling from overseas see 'International students' guidance below.

Visit the NHS Lothian website for more information on how to register with a GP

Emergency medical assistance

If you are unable to get to a GP or need immediate or out of hours medical advice, you can:

Hospital treatment

For emergency services, including police, fire brigade and ambulance, call 999.

Emergency services are available to everyone in the UK, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Emergency Departments (Accident & Emergency)

Not sure who to contact

Student Health | NHS inform

Step 1 - Before you arrive - How to find a GP Practice

Healthcare in Scotland   

If you are already registered with a GP in another part of the UK, we recommend that you register with an Edinburgh practice, if that will be your main home whilst at University.

Find your local GP practices

Some GP practices fill up quickly with new students, so we recommend looking up at least three different options that are closest to your semester-time address in Edinburgh. 

Use our handy Google Map to find a GP, hospital, and pharmacy closest to your Edinburgh accommodation:

Use Google Map to find your nearest GP

Use NHS Inform website to find your nearest GP

University Health Centre

The University Health Service is an NHS GP practice located on Bristo Square, Central Campus. This practice will register students who live within the area covered by the practice whether in private or university accommodation, if capacity allows after students have arrived in Edinburgh. 

All registrations are undertaken digitally via the practice website.  Please do not go to the practice to register in person.

University Health Service

Step 2 - When you start/arrive on campus - you can register with a GP Practice

Contact a GP practice 

You will be required to complete one or two forms for registration.

Details of how to register, the registration forms you are required to complete (including further documentation that will be required for proof of address/identity and student status) and the best way to return the forms will usually be outlined on the GP practice website and/or within the registration forms. Call the contact number on the GP practice website if you have any questions. 

After registering with a GP practice 

After you have registered, check that you understand how your GP Practice works – where you need to go to see a doctor, how you make an appointment, how you order a prescription, etc.

Some GP Practices are just open on weekdays, while some are also open on Saturdays and evenings. We recommend you look up the opening times of each GP practice on their individual websites. 

I can't find a GP practice who are accepting patients

If all the GP practices in your local area are full, contact Practitioner Services using the contact details below. They can offer more guidance and, where necessary, allocate a practice to you.

​​​​​Contact the Patient Advice and Support Service for more help

Personal information 

There is no link between NHS services and the University, so the information you give the University is not shared with your GP and vice versa. You need to give consent for any GP information to be shared with the University. If you change your address, phone number, or email, you must let your GP practice know as well as the University.

There is no secure link between University or personal email addresses and the NHS so please avoid sending sensitive or personal information by email. If you do, your GP practice cannot respond to you in any detail.

Further information

The University encourages you to protect yourself by having the appropriate vaccinations.

Vaccinations and immunisations  

You will need to register with a dentist and optician in addition to registering with a GP. We've put together some information on how to access dental and optician services as a student.

Register with a dentist and optician