New Students

Moving to Edinburgh

Arrange your accommodation, keep updated with key accommodation information and make arrangements for safe travel to Edinburgh.

Semester Dates 2023-2024

How to get to Edinburgh



Arriving early

Chancellor's Court at Pollock Halls
Information for students who arrive early (before Welcome Week)

Arriving late

Colour image of the New College Clock
Information for students who arrive late (after Welcome Week)


Information about University-managed accommodation and how to look into private accommodation. Tips on budgeting for bills and utilities and managing your council tax.

What to pack for Edinburgh

Tips about what clothes to pack and what not to pack when arriving in the UK.

Bringing your family

Family siloutted by sunset
Guidance and resources for students accompanied by family or dependents.

Travel documents

Passport on a map of Europe
As you get ready to travel into the UK, make sure you have all the documents you need.