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The University of Edinburgh Events app is an exclusive space for new students to find the right events in Welcome Week, keep organised and interact with other new students.

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What you need to do 

The University of Edinburgh Events app is free to download and open to all new students to use ahead of getting started and within Welcome Week.  

Why you need to do it 

It is optional to download this app but strongly recommended as it has several functions to help you get started: 

  • To-do lists, split by ‘before you start’ and ‘when you start’ 

  • Welcome Week events schedule

  • Message board to interact with fellow new students 

  • Self-guided audio tour of Welcome Week 

  • Useful contacts 

You do not need to create a profile to be able to use this app. However, to be able to post, comment and like anything on the message board, you will need to set up an account with Guidebook. You can create a profile using any email account as this app is not connected to your student email account. 

When you do it 

You can download the University of Edinburgh Events app from the end of July.  

The Welcome Week schedule will be live from Tuesday 16 August 2024. You will the be able to:

  • Search or filter by your academic area 

  • Work out where each of the activities are taking place event and what to expect at that event

  • Create your own personalised schedule and to-do lists

How you do it 

Download the app by searching for any of the following words: 'Edinburgh Events' or 'Edinburgh University events' on the Google Play or Apple App store. Alternatively, you can use the web version of the guide in your browser by clicking the Web version button below.

Google Play

App Store

Search for the guide Welcome Events 2024-2025 in the featured section (no passphrase is required) and you will now automatically access this guide every time you enter the app. Download this guide (it will take a few minutes).

Web version 

If you do not have access to a mobile device, you can access the guide on the web:

Web version of Guidebook 

Privacy Policy 

The University of Edinburgh Events app is developed by Guidebook, an independent third party. For more information on the app and personal data, see our Privacy Policy page. 

University of Edinburgh Events App Privacy Policy 

Accessibility Statement 

University of Edinburgh Events app accessibility statement   

Do you need help? 

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