New Students

Settling into University

Starting university is a significant adjustment, and it may take a while to feel settled into your new way of life.

The 'W-Curve'

It's important to recognise that experiencing a period of adjustment is very normal, and the emotions associated with major life changes often follow a predictable pattern. We use the 'W-Curve' to help demonstrate the different phases of transition.  This model is based on research undertaken with students studying abroad, but highlights the phases that all new students go through when adapting to university life. 

W Curve

Student Stories

Discover what living and studying at one of the world's oldest universities is like with blog and vlogs from our current students!

You will find an array of ever-expanding content about life at the University; from societies and studying, to internships and living in the city of Edinburgh. Representing a range of different degrees and backgrounds, our bloggers have volunteered to record their own experiences in order to help you build a sense of what university life might look like for you.

Student Stories blogs and vlogs